Cine Psychology

Learn how to conceptualise cases, identify ethical issues and all things psychology through movies!

Let's face it, movies are a powerful learning tool.

Cine Psychology uses movies as a medium to improve one’s psychology competencies. One of the primary advantages of learning psychology through movies is the entertainment value. Discussions about movie characters can be enjoyable and even fun, making the learning process more engaging and memorable. When approached in the right way, these conversations can also be highly thought-provoking and lead to deep, meaningful discussions about the psychological themes present in the film.

Another benefit of learning psychology through movies is the diverse perspectives that can be gained from group discussions. While everyone may have watched the same film, each viewer likely had a unique interpretation and emotional response to the characters and their experiences. By sharing these perspectives and exploring different points of view, we can deepen our understanding of the psychology at play in the film.

How does it work?

The program consists of monthly meetings in which we will dissect a movie, focusing on psychological concepts and ultimately broadening our understanding of human experiences. Two weeks before each meeting you receive the indication of the movie to be discussed, so you can watch the film at your own time.

The meetings are hosted on Zoom, and the limit is 8 participants. Hence the discussions are facilitated by Gabriela Stilita, a Board Approved Supervisor, you can claim CPD hours!

Investment: AU$ 140 per session

If you are interested in participating or need more details, please fill in the form below, and we will get in touch.

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